Skills List

This is the final skills list for “3.G.” This is, more or less, a three-way mid-air collision between 3.5, AE, and the Pathfinder Beta. This also operates under the assumption that there are no “cross-class” skills; one rank costs one skill point at all times. (Why did I do this? Two reasons: 1) easier bookkeeping and auditing and 2) to encourage pesudo-multiclassing. I like the idea of a fighter or Wizard with maxed out ranks in Stealth. Personally, I don’t think this really hurts the “skills-classes” like Rogue or Akashic since they still get an whole pile of skill points. Being the only party member with a good Stealth skill isn’t an advantage – it just means the party is always going to just kick the door open and you’ll have to clean up their mess.)

Acrobatics (Dex, Trained only, ACP) Combined Balance and Tumble.

Alchemy As per the skill in AE. Primary uses are creation of alchemical items (sunrods, etc.) and identification of potions or other single use items (which can be done without the use of other magic.) I was going to just have this be Craft: Alchemy, but I think we can all agree that an Alchemy skill is much cooler.

Appraise When in use by a PC under the effects of Detect Magic, can be used to identify magic items.

Bluff (Dex) Same as it ever was.

Climb (Str) Same as it ever was.

Craft Functions much the same as before. Profession has been removed, under the assumption that if it’s something you know, it’s a knowledge skill, if it’s something you can make, it’s a craft. Something you do for a living already has a mechanic in the game, called “Character Class.”

Diplomacy (Cha) Combination of Diplomacy and Gather Information.

Disable Device (Trained Only) Same as it ever was.

Disguise (Cha) Same as it ever was.

Escape Artist (Dex) Same as it ever was. I almost combined this and Use Rope into a skill called “Knots!”, but that seemed to be stretching it.

Forgery Same as it ever was. Bonus rule: all Players trying to use the Forgery skill will be handed a blank piece of paper and a pencil. The resulting prop will act as a modifier to the Forgery DC at the DM’s discretion.

Gamble (Lck) New! The only Luck Stat based skill.

Handle Animal (Wis, Trained Only) Same as it ever was.

Heal (Wis) Same as it ever was, with some tweaks TBA. I’m ganking the Reserve points from Iron Heroes, so that’s the version of Heal we’ll be using.

Intimidate (Cha) Same as it ever was.

Jump (Str) Same as it ever was.

Knowledge (Int, Trained Only) Same as it ever was. I’ve purposely not made a master-list of knowledge skills, since I want people to make them up as we go. Also, Knowledge:Local is assumed to be a synonym for Knowledge:Ptolus

Linguistics (Int, Trained Only) Combination of Decipher Script and Speak Language. The number of ranks in this skill are assumed to be the number of languages you know. The languages listed on the Character Sheet are the only ones the PCs are allowed to learn via ranks in this skill without special DM permission.

Open Lock (Dex, Trained Only) Same as it ever was.

Perception (Wis) Combined Spot and Listen. Also Scent, Touch, and Taste checks.

Perform (Dex, Trained Only) Same as it ever was. Or at least the version where it worked like craft, where you could take it multiple times for different instruments.

Ride (Dex) Same as it ever was.

Search (Dex) Same as it ever was. Non-rogues can use this to find traps with a search DC under 20.

Sense Motive (Cha) Same as it ever was.

Slight of Hand (Dex, Trained Only) Same as it ever was.

Survival (Wis) Same as it ever was.

Spellcraft (Int, Trained Only) Combined Spellcraft and Concentration as per Pathfinder. You’re welcome, Wizards.)

Stealth (Dex) Combined Hide and Move Silently.

Swim (Str) Same as it ever was.

Use Magic Device (Cha, Trained Only) Same as it ever was.

Use Rope (Dex) Same as it ever was.

Also see Synergies.
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Skills List

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