Hit Points

By popular request, we will not be using the HP / Grace system from the Book of Experimental Might, and will instead be porting Reserve Points from Iron Heroes.

All characters have the same number of Reserve Points as they do Hit Points. A single reserve point can be converted to a single hit point at a rate of one per minute. A single Reserve Point can be used to heal 4 points of non-lethal damage, or a single Reserve Point can heal 1 lethal and 1 non-lethal point of damage simultaneously. Obviously, this can’t be done in combat, but can be done in essentially any non-strenuous non-combat situation. An unconscious character can use Reserve Points, but only if they are stable.

Magical healing applies directly to HP; extra healing provided by magic will spill over into the Reserve Point pool.

Natural Healing heals 1 HP per Character level for 8 hours of sleep. Complete bed rest for a day heals twice that amount.

Ability Score damage heals at a rate of 1 point per night of rest, or 2 points per day of full rest.

Reserve Points replenish at a rate of your Con Score + your level for 8 hours of rest, and double that for a day of full rest. You cannot regain Reserve Points if you have 0 or less Hit Points.

Changes to Hit Points caused by a change in Con Score has the same effect on Reserve Points.

First Aid from the Heal skill works as normal: a DC 15 check to stabilize a dying character.

Treat Wounds (DC 15) restores a number of Reserve points to a character equal to your ranks in Heal. A character can receive this only once per day.

Long-Term Care can be used to treat a character over a day or more. A DC 15 Heal check results in regaining Hit, Reserve, and ability score points at twice the normal rate:

2 reserve points / level + double Constitution score per 8 hours of rest 4 reserve points / level + quadruple Constitution score per day of full rest 2 Ability Score points per 8 hours of rest 4 Ability Score points per day of full rest 2 HP / level per 8 hours of rest 4 HP / level per day of full rest

Hit Points

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