Memoirs of Delving, The Ptolus Years

Session 15 of Chapter 1: A Stranger Comes to Town

In Which Our Heroes become involved in a Dometic Situation

1st of Wind, 721

“What do you mean – missing?” blurted Geist.

“She hasn’t been to the chapel in days. I asked around, and she hasn’t been to work either. I stopped by her apartment, and her neighbors haven’t seen hide or hair of her all week. I was hoping you could look into it…”

“Fine, I guess we can spare the time,” said Lucius.

“Hey – you need to be nicer to the pregnant lady!” said Vega.

“So, do you know who her boyfriend is?” asked Lucius.

“Actually – I have dug that up. He’s something of an important preist.”

“In The Church of Lothian?”

“No, the Watcher of the Skies. Normally I wouldn’t break a trust like this, but under the circumstances – he’s Helmut Itelstein-”

“The head of the Republican Movement?” blurted Lucius.

“Ah, well, he is the High Astronomer-Priest of the Watcher of the Skies.”

As the sun sank below the horizon and a cold wind began to blow off the bay, the party arrived at Phon’s apartment.



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