Memoirs of Delving, The Ptolus Years

Session 14 of Chapter 1: A Stranger Comes to Town

In which Our Heroes do some Investigations

The 26th to the 29th of Birth, 721

During the party’s week of recuperation, Lucious spent several days casting spells over the golden amulet they had taken from the priestess in the Ratmen Warren. He learned that the amulet was 3 years old, it had been owned by the priestess, it’s purpose was to identify leaders of the cult – and most interestingly of all, it had been forged by someone named “Silion Ankismar” at “The Temple of the Rat God.”

Meanwhile, the Party continued to investigate the baby they had rescued from the cultists. Lucious’ spells proved unable to divine any insight as to the child’s origin, and Illumtar’s research revealed that no babies had recently gone missing. Finally, after a conversation with an Akashic in Danbury’s Lucious took the child to the city’s Akashic Guildhall where the Guildmaster revealed that the child did not seem to exist in the Akashic Memory – either the child’s history had been completely erased via some dark sorcery, or the child had not existed before a week ago.

30th of Birth, 721

Fresh from a week of rest and ceremonial preparations, Mathis, Vega, and Abyssia headed to the Cock Pit for some gambling. A significant number of Gold Thrones moved back and forth across the Dragonscales table, and the three made the acquaintance, and limited friendship, of the dealer, one Ianto Jones.

Conversation with Jones turned to the Ratmen, and Jones said that he had heard that activity in the Temple District was on the rise.

Fresh from completing their magical ceremonies, they were joined by Geist and Lucius. Geist stuck up a conversation with the bartender, one Agravain – and introduced himself as Velen Killmore. The conversation soon turned to wanted dark-elf thief Shilukar, and Agravain revealed the following facts: Shilukar had lifted several items of value from House Abanar, and was rumored to use gnolls as henchmen. Having gained the confidence of the bartended, Geist also learned one other fact: rumor had it that Shilukar used a fence named Ammel Dar.

The 1st of Wind, 721

The next morning, the party visited the Temple District to see if they could find a lead as to the increased Ratman activity. On the street of a million gods, they ran into another delving company of four members, who were just returning from a sojurn into the sewers and were looking for healing. The leader of this other party, Owen, said that they had run into ratmen almost without end in the sewers under the district, and that they did seem to be working with human cultists.

The party then dropped by Phon’s shop for some new and fancier clothes, and made their way to the Noble’s District.

At the top of the street they stopped at a Tea & Coffee vendor, and Geist struck up a conversation with the young and beautiful Branwyn who was working the stall.

The party then stopped by Castle Shard – convieniently in time for lunch, where Cadmus welcomed them, fed them lunch, and told them that the Lord and Lady were unavailable, but that Lord Abercrombe was still frozen.

The party then paid a visit to House Abanar, where they were granted an interview with a Monsigneur Culwych. Culwych revealed that Shilukar’s identity had been revealed via divination, but that his location remained a secret – hidden from their sorcery. Additionally, Shilukar seemed to be using sorcery to enter and exit the House – and at the scene of the last crime, they had found copious amounts of thick blue hair.

Finally, the party tracked down Ammel Dar, whose confidence they quickly gained. He revealed that he had fenced several items for Shilukar, but hadn’t seen him in several weeks. Shuilukar had implied to him that he had been living with a minor crime lord named Linech Cran, and that he was planning to lend the money he was making to this crime lord.

Laden down with new information, they returned home that evening to find Brother Fabitor waiting anxiously for them.

“It’s Phon!” he cried out. “She’s missing!”



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