Memoirs of Delving, The Ptolus Years

Session 8 of Chapter 1: A Stranger Comes to Town

In Which Our Heroes Learn A Terrible Secret About A Small Girl And Aquire A Golden Watch

(April 10, 2009)
9th of Birth, 721 IA

The Waves Crashed.

The Party infiltrates the caves, finding them to be infested with not only Sahuagan but also deeply worried smugglers. The cause of their worry is soon revealed: Linech’s daughter Linelle is not as dead as everyone thought; nor is she alive – she seems to have become a vampire.

The Party concoct a daring plan to escape with the girl (and the watch she carries) under the nose of the smugglers. Their plan is aided by the sudden defection of two slaves of the smugglers, one of which is a lizardman with bells tied all over his body called mockingly by the other smugglers by the less that complimentary sobriquet of “Sir Jingles.”

Returning to the surface, the Party separates. Mattius and Geist go with Seanus to report to Linech as Lucious takes the watch to Castle Shard and the rest of the Party remains to guard the girl, hidden from both the sun and the undead-hating city guard within the cabin of the boat.

In order to delay their errand, Geist picks a fight with a local drunk and is thrown in the hoosegow by an unsympathetic guardsman, and Mathius pays the cab driver handsomly to take the long route to Rivergate and Linech.

Lucious, meanwhile learns a shocking truth from the Lord and Lady of Castle Shard: the watch is inhabited by a Demon.

Finally arriving at Linech’s Barrow, Mathius convinces Linech to come and see wha they’ve found of his daughter. He reluctantly agrees, and on arrival at the boat is attacked by a furious Linelle. Screaming for the Party to rescue him, Linech agrees to double their pay and hand over the statue if they can “deal with” his daughter and return the watch to them. The party agrees and subdues Linelle in the boat once more.

Linech leaves, agreeing also to spring Geist from the city lockup.

The Party delivers Linelle to the Brotherhood of Redeption, who promise to do all they can for the unfortunate girl.

Unwilling to simply hand over a Demon-Hauted watch to a local hood like Linech, the party takes the watch to Pale Tower to see if the Malakuth can be of any assistance.

Met in the lobby by a massive Stone Golem covered in runes and calling itself only “The Graven”, the Party explains their predicament. The Graven offers to store the watch in their Suppression Vaults to insure the demon causes no trouble. The Party thanks the golem, but explain they have to physically deliver the watch to Linech.

After some cajoling, the Graven offers to wrap the watch in a web of enchantments designed to keep the demon locked within the timepiece. The party happily agrees, and the golem soon returns the watch to them, now surrounded by magical energy.

With this newly secure watch in hand, the Party determined that only one course of action lay open to them at this point: dinner.



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